Disposable Diathermy
Loops and balls
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Disposable Diathermy Balls

Supplied in a box of 50


Single use 3mm ball

Single use 4mm ball

Single use 5mm ball

Disposable Diathermy Loops

Supplied in a box of 25


Single use 10mm loop

Single use 15mm loop

Single use 20mm loop

Single use 3mm ballRSDB3MME

Single use 4mm ballRSDB4MME

Single use 5mm ballRSDB5MME

Single use 10mm loopRSDL-10MME

Single use 15mm loopRSDL-15MME

Single use 20mm loopRSDL-20MME

Product Code      List Price (net) £

RSDB3MME       150.00

RSDB4MME       150.00

RSDB5MME       150.00

Product Code        List Price (net) £

RSDL-10MME      150.00

RSDL-15MME      150.00

RSDL-20MME      150.00