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For over twenty years RSH Ltd has been a well known and respected  supplier of surgical instruments and health care products to the NHS and Private Health sectors throughout the  UK …we have changed  with the times as you must have too.

We provide  first class service and support, a wide comprehensive range of  the   highest  quality surgical  products with  a competitive, flexible price  structure… But you would  expect us to say that!

We are a  fully compliant  ISO 9002 company, all our products  carry  a CE mark, in accordance  with  the Medical Devices  directive (93/42/EEC). All our Instruments are  completely guaranteed for 5 years..! We simply  have to say this…

The  wide range  included  in our catalogue  is only the tip of the Instrument Iceberg ! We have 10,000 individual products ... If  you’re  struggling with  that hard- to-find instrument a call  to us  may save you  some valuable time.

  1. We have specific  product range catalogues for Laparoscopic, Urology and Gynaecology instrumentation …

  2. Our rigid Endoscopes are simply the highest quality, most  cost effective alternative to the 2 major Uk market leaders... ask us for more details get twice the product for half the price!

  3. We are currently involved in designing and developing new specialist instruments for  surgeons at the highest level (see new products)

  4. We were one  of the first companies to offer a tray lay up service, when providing complete instrument sets

  5. We regularly give  advice  on the care  and maintenance  of surgical instruments and are now increasingly involved in developing our repair service (Our repair pricing can not be beaten!)

  6. We have established an excellent reputation with our existing customers and we welcome the opportunity to provide the same levels of service and commitment to all our new customers… for a full product range click on the Product list to scroll through.

If you cant find what you are looking for or if you need a personal visit  from of our Area Sales Managers, or simply just need an up to date catalogue, then please contact our Customer Service Team via the enquiry  mail or telephone us directly and see if we really are a company that can deliver… 

…we look forward to meeting you very soon.