MAGOS “Easy Load”
Universal Knot Pusher

The “Easy Load” Universal Knot Pusher, designed by Mr. Adam Magos BSc MB BS MD FRCOG, Consultant Gynaecologist at the Royal Free Hospital, London, England, is suitable for all types of extra-corporeal suturing techniques. The unique design of the knot pusher means that, unlike traditional devices, it can be threaded by touch by simply sliding it over the suture. Once loaded, the suture is securely held. Unlike other knot pushers, the

“Easy Load” can be used to tie both sliding knots or multi-throw flat knots. It can also be used to apply a tie fashioned in to a loop.

The “Easy Load” Universal Knot Pusher is reusable and made from high quality surgical stainless steel. It can be used through a 5 mm port and will be useful to all surgeons involved with endoscopic extra-corporeal suturing

(e.g. laparoscopy, arthroscopy, thoracoscopy). It can also be used at conventional surgery when access is difficult.

Why get several knot pushers when one will do?

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  1. Easy to thread just slide the “easy load” over the suture.

  2. Secure once threaded, the suture is held in the knot pusher until the knot has been tied.

  3. Versatile suitable for any sliding (e.g. roeder, weston, duncan, giant, etc.) or flat (e.g. square, surgeon’s, revo, etc.) extra-corporeal knot.

  4. Loop the “easy load” can be used to apply a tie fashioned in to a loop ligature (endoloop).

Product code L0366/0046



Click to see videos of the Knot Pusher in operationknot_pusher_video.html