The Lap Loop System

For sectioning the uterus during laparoscopic hysterectomy

The Lap Loop System comprises a reusable instrument and a disposable Loop.

  1. Safer: specifically designed system avoids possible damage by contact with surrounding tissues during sectioning

  2. Easier: once the Loop is in place, the sectioning is performed in one single movement.

  3. Faster: one movement replaces time consuming multiple incisions.

Procedure for use

Step 1

Insert the introducer in the sheath.

Step 4

Unlock the introducer and pull it back until the entire Loop is withdrawn inside the sheath.

Step 2

Push the introducer so that the distal tip extends out of the sheath and rotate the introducer to lock it in the sheath (spring compressed).

Step 3

Screw the screw thread end of the LapLoop electrode into the female thread at the distal tip of the introducer.

Step 5

Insert the entire LapLoop System through the trocar… Push the introducer so that the Loop is in the operating field.  Compress spring, rotate and lock.

Step 6

Rotate the introducer (spring decompressed) so that the Loop ends are completely withdrawn into the sheath.  Connect the monopolar cable and apply current.

Can be used with all standard theatre power units.  Power settings may vary.

Click to see video of the Lap Loop in operationlaploop.html